A Physician’s a Musician…

and Safety is his Mission! (as reported in the New York Times):

I was never much for rap music, but this video is the BEST! It’s “Gap Rap,” a rap about safety in the New York subways, and it’s one of several that Dr. John Clarke, LIRR Medical Director, has recorded for spreading the safety word among kids and teens.

Talk about touching people where they’re at! Dr. Clarke, medically trained at Columbia and Mt. Sinai, delivers a great message, backed by 5th grade Lindell elementary school kids. He’s been writing lyrics since he was 8, and wears a lab coat and shades for the videos — but not in the office:

“The lab coat first appeared in the H1N1 video, and it stuck. ‘People always ask, do you wear the baggy jeans and all of that, and I say, no, I wear a suit, I’m a doctor,’ Dr. Clarke said. ‘And then when I rap, it makes more of an impact, because it’s not really expected’.”

All together now:

Look down, step over, and watch the gap!

Look down, step over, and watch the gap!

Better yet, rap along with the kids and Dr. Clarke:

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1 Response to A Physician’s a Musician…

  1. DJE says:

    Fantastic post… and important. This post should go “viral.” With rap, Clarke is reaching his constituency. In the hallowed halls of academia, Clarke is an aberration — yeah, but he is having fun and making an impact on the masses — Go, J.D.!!


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