To Tell the Truth, Take 3

There’s a leit motif that’s been running through these pages, and it’s Truth.

Is truth an absolute? And meaning? Does meaning depend upon the truth of that which is intended or presented? We’ve flirted with these concepts again and again recently. Now here’s another party weighing in, a man whose evidence was forged in the crucible of concentration camps:

A doctor cannot give meanings to his patients. Nor can a professor give meanings to his students. What they may give, however, is an example, the existential example of personal commitment to the search for truth. As a matter of fact, the answer to the question What is the meaning of life can only be given out of one’s whole being — one’s life is itself the answer to the question of its meaning.

Viktor Frankl, Man’s Search for Meaning

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2 Responses to To Tell the Truth, Take 3

  1. Claudia Shuster says:

    Here I am again! I think that perhaps “truth” is garnered when we not only think for ourselves but also are open to the thoughts of others. I think that my own perspective is colored by me in ways I don’t even know. So learning the perspectives of others I trust, respect and admire helps refine and reshape my “truths.”

    Your idea that as we age we continue to develop is true if we work to keep learning and being open to others’ ideas. I think we know folks who have done that admirably and some who don’t seem to have… Just some thoughts – Claudia


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