Bon Appetit!

It begins early in France—

Three-year-olds going to public school in Paris are presented with five-course gourmet lunches, complete with conversation and good manners and a cheese course.

This CBS video about the French public school lunch program will definitely whet your appetite — and may turn you pale with envy. The little ones are told: “Eating is also a pleasure, you share with your friends at school, your family at home….”

And what do they share! Enjoy this insider look at French School Lunches, then prepare to raid the refrigerator immediately after.

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4 Responses to Bon Appetit!

  1. pauline says:

    Funny (as in peculiar); a school co-worker and I were just discussing yesterday what a difference in manners and food appreciation a different cafeteria experience (what we have now is loud, dirty, and appalling!) would make. Her suggestion was to set up four-people tables with tablecloths and real silverware, plates and cups, with soft classical music playing in the background. Good table manners would be taught in the classroom. A pity that I can’t even imagine our public school system ever adopting such a policy.


  2. Barbara says:

    Still another example of the superiority of French culture.


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