Erratic Journal: It’s Cold in Ireland!

Here’s the latest communique from our Irish correspondent Berna over in County Kildare— The current chill in Irish affairs seems to be extending to the weather:

Speaking of cold…….Here’s something about cold that I love, by Dylan Thomas:

“It’s almost too cold
to hold a pen this morning.
I’ve lost a toe since breakfast,
my nose is on its last nostril.
I’ve four sweaters on (including yours),
two pairs of trousers & socks,
a leather coat & a dressing gown.
Who was the French poet who had
alphabetically lettered underpants, and wore
every one up to H on a cold morning?”

I often think of this when I get out of my warm bed on cold mornings
before the heat kicks in. I have a really disreputable padded brown
overcoat that I wear on these cold mornings and think of Dylan Thomas.

The Welshman Himself

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2 Responses to Erratic Journal: It’s Cold in Ireland!

  1. DJE says:

    Yes. He did not go gentle into that cold morning, but was heated from within by manic Pan and all his haunted minions — his inner fire was enough to charge his batteries for 39 mankind making, bird beast and flower fathering years — he warms us on mornings cold by Celsius, politically and most meaninglessly economic.


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