A Zen Story

One day, someone showed me a glass of water that was half full.  And he said, “Is it half full or half empty?”  So I drank the water.  No more problem.

—    Alexander Jodorowsky

If you’ve always wanted to meditate but weren’t sure how to begin, Bill, on his blog The Zen Parent, presents the perfect role model for you in his post, Canine Mindfulness. Just take a look, pick up your cushion, sit down, and begin.

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2 Responses to A Zen Story

  1. Claudia Shuster says:

    In explaining child development, I used to share a story like this. But it is a metaphor – one feels full if one has been well loved. Some love leaves you half full (and you are likely wanting to get more to fill you up, so to speak).
    If you are totally full, what you receive next is fully available to give to others. Hence a well loved person can reach out to support others; one who is half full (and of course one who is empty) needs filling him/herself and is much less likely to be able to reach out to others who need support.


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