In Other Words: Romance in the Kitchen

Evidently there’s alchemy in cooking as in love — It all depends on the proper touch!



Let the meats and vegetables be combined and “married,” instead of meeting each other for the first time when served on the table in their respective confirmed bachelorhood and unspoiled virginity, and you will find that each has a fuller personality than you ever dreamed of.

— Lin Yutang

This puts a whole ‘nother spin on having — let’s say — moo shu pork or bouillabaisse for dinner, compared to plain old meat and potatoes, plunked down bare bones next to each other on a thick white china plate.

The French are considered supreme romantics (at least when it comes to food and love). But the Chinese are as notoriously pragmatic in their approach to life as we are, so the subtlety in this dictum of Lin Yutang comes as a surprise to me. Do you think he would have considered the American approach to cooking as a kind of Bim Bam Thank You Ma’am of the kitchen? I wonder —–

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4 Responses to In Other Words: Romance in the Kitchen

  1. Claudia says:

    Perhaps the questions are not ones of nationality but rather:

    “Who’s cooking?’
    “How does she/he feel today?”!


  2. Stef says:

    This reminds me of kids wanting all of their foods distinctly separate (and kids are not always aware of what deep love is about), whereas many adults like “combined” foods (and most adults are at least aware of a deeper love, even if they don’t always express it). Does this mean casseroles are one of the most passionate foods available? 🙂


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