Sweet-scented Wisdom

The only wisdom for one haunted with the scent of unseen roses is work.

C.S. Lewis




“Now is the winter of our discontent

Made glorious summer…”

by work. And exercise. (Possibly Shakespeare wouldn’t think in terms of exercise, but I’m sure that C.S. Lewis, a frequent rambler over the English countryside, would.)

Already, after a spate of single digit temperatures and seemingly continuous flurries of the white stuff, this bodes to be a rough winter — so I trust in work and exercise to work their wonders. A powerful pair, Work and Exercise, hopefully powerful enough to exorcise winter’s discontent.

But oh! how sweet the scent of those unseen roses —

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4 Responses to Sweet-scented Wisdom

  1. pauline says:

    I love winter with its muted colors, its masking, decorative snow, its dormancy, its loss and then slow gain of light. I do work and I do exercise – the out of doors can smell as good in winter as it does in summer; trodding through fresh clean snow is wonderfully refreshing! And too, I like coming into the cottage’s sweet warmth after being outside in the cold.


    • Touch2Touch says:

      I’ll give you that — huddling under the bedcovers when it’s cold and snowy early in the morning is delicious.
      And “trodding through fresh clean snow is wonderfully refreshing” — that squeaky sound underfoot! Like nothing else.
      Thanks for the comment, Pauline, because now I can enjoy knowing you’re enjoying — and I can stay indoors. (Seriously, if anything could reconcile me to winter, it would be the posts on Writing Down the Words — plug.)


  2. Ah, but you should cherish the winter that lingers seemingly too long. I have found, after moving to southern California, it is that long, lingering winter that provides such a rewarding spectacular spring time. Here, with our mild winters, spring is merely another day leading to another season.

    I hope that you enjoy the beautiful snowflakes that I do truly miss!

    Stay Warm,


    • Touch2Touch says:

      Well, I’ll try, Tara. Between you and Pauline, I have “borrowed” eyes to look at the winter landscape with, eyes that may see the beauty that elude my own. But, you poor thing in southern California, shall I tell you about our “rewarding spectacular springtime” in the Berkshires? Perhaps in the many different places you have lived, you have experienced such. Here —- well, all I need tell you that we don’t call it Spring. We call it Mud Season. (But otherwise we love this area for many beauties.)
      Enjoy a mild and lovely Christmas, you and your whole family!


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