Let There Be Light —

There is nothing to be found,

even if I search.

There is nothing to do

but to warm myself on my own.

There is nothing to do

but to burn my own body

and light the place around me.

Jukichi Yagi


We need hope to give us light in darkness: but where do we find our hope? One place may be past experience.  Jukichi Yagi offers another, perhaps sterner possibility. There will be others; perhaps you want to add your own —


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3 Responses to Let There Be Light —

  1. Julia Brumbaugh says:

    Wow, Judith. That poem is both beautiful and hard. There is the sacrifice of self for others and for the world that lights a path…and the dizzying truth that it seems to light one’s own world, too. I wonder if that is part of the power of the Passion of Jesus?
    I do know that my own light has not been enough for my own life. I have depended on others: particularly the faith and prayers of others. I am reminded of a time a few years ago (after Michael had died but before Joe had been born) when I was at a church service where we were discussing the gospel parable of the harvest. Some prepare, some sow, some harvest. Most of the other (younger people in whom I recognized an earlier self) saw themselves as trying to be preparers and sowers…not the harvesters who benefit from the labors of others. I suddenly knew that I was not, at least at that time in my life, someone who labored without reward, but one who reaped the harvest prepared and sustained by others.
    I am quite certain that any faith or hope I now have in God or the resurrection or anything else of that nature is entirely dependent upon the fact that the faith and hope of others carried me through long months and years when there was no prayer and no song in my heart…not even lament. When I couldn’t pray, there were some people I could be near as they prayed, and I knew that I was part of the prayers of others who prayed for me. And, somehow, that has made a huge difference over time (there is that pesky time again!).
    I will also tell you that for me, what I thought was resurrection faith has become resurrection hope.


  2. I find hope in realizing that I can stand up again even when life knocks me down. Sometimes we may be slow to rise again. Sometimes we may carry a heavy spirit for a short time. However, once we stand again, we can prove our strength not only to ourselves, but also to others. The hope I have gained from standing up more often than I have fallen is the hope that allows me to offer light to shine to others.

    I am so lucky to have been guided by many other people’s radiating light in the past. Now it is my turn to help guide.

    Thank you for another beautiful, thought-provoking post!



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