Plum Blossoms

Only slight taste of it —

Spring makes its Bronx debut

With ume and orchids

Photo and Haiku (after Basho) by David Elpern

In Shochikubai: Three Friends of Winter we met the pine, the bamboo, and the plum blossom (bai, or ume), the trio offering strength and hope in Asia in the depths of winter.

David Elpern commented:  “The ume is dear to me, too. There are two or three at the Bronx Botanical Gardens which flower in early to mid March — I visit them when I can — when I need to.”

As we hunker down yet again for another 24-hour snowstorm/blizzard, here to cheer us is David’s magnificent photo of flowering plum blossoms. His accompanying Bronx haiku would please Basho himself. (This is just a glimpse of the many varied delights to be found on David’s blog about the arts, the social and biological sciences, Cell2Soul. It was the inspiration for my own blog, and remains my model.)

Driving north on Route 7 in the Berkshires, and passing through New Ashford, there’s a sign that (all year round) reads THINK SNOW. No disrespect to the good people of New Ashford; but I’m advocating Beautiful Thoughts of Springtime. Come on, plum blossoms!

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3 Responses to Plum Blossoms

  1. Stef says:

    Interesting; today I had an experience that blended the two!


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