Invincible Summer —

Belize Photo by Staci Chirchick

In the midst of winter we find in ourselves an Invincible Summer.

Albert Camus

Interesting that it is an early Existentialist (although he later denied the label), an exponent of a philosophy originally considered bleak and hopeless compared to the encouragements and promises of religion, who issues this ringing pronouncement of hope. The phrase “invincible summer” is wonderful; but what do you think of its truth?

(Especially today: we can but HOPE it’s true — But the snowstorm will end, and life will resume, and we can return to DJE’s beautiful plum blossoms tomorrow with renewed appreciation. Meanwhile, thanks, Staci, for sharing your wonderful graduation trip photo with us.)

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2 Responses to Invincible Summer —

  1. David Elpern says:

    Winter under cultivation
    Is as arable as Spring.
    Emily Dickinson


  2. Stef says:

    All things are impermanent, the winter *and* the spring. They all have their place. 🙂


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