Licks, and Riffs, and a Promise: Here Comes the Sun!

It’s snowing again — or sleeting, or freezing raining, or all of the above —

And it’s either burst into song, or burst into tears. So I’ve opted for song. For two songs, in fact, because that’s how bad it is this winter. First up, George Harrison, with a whole lot more hair and years, to bring some joy into our lives via youtube:

A while ago we had a post on Forgetfulness, in which we lamented those ever more frequent senior moments. The weather hasn’t improved, and neither has the forgetfulness. But it’s a little easier to take with a smile and a melody, so here is cabaret singer Pam Peterson on youtube with an updated version of the oldie and goodie, Memory:

(Maybe by now even George Harrison can relate to this!)

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2 Responses to Licks, and Riffs, and a Promise: Here Comes the Sun!

  1. Stef says:

    I *adore* “Here Comes The Sun” – I smiled as soon as I read the song title. Just remember lady – it’s all right. 🙂


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