Hurrah! We Made It to the Mall!

This winter has so reduced us in mobility and spirit that getting to the Holyoke Mall yesterday for one of our One-to-One sessions with a guru at the Apple store was a matter of much rejoicing. Among other things, it made a break from total wall-to-wall white viewing out our windows:

There was Sunglass Hut, which is an optimistic kind of store, considering we haven’t seen the sun in I-don’t-remember when:

But I’m so used to vistas of white that I couldn’t help myself:

And it may not be Paris, but Starbucks approximates a café, which we took advantage of:

Where this was as close as I came to an abstract print for the day:

We take our excitement where we find it — in a Zen spirit!

(For some almost pure color, Zen-nish “still lifes”, don’t forget A View from the Woods‘ frequent Eye Candy)

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2 Responses to Hurrah! We Made It to the Mall!

  1. pauline says:

    I should have invited you to our one-and-only allowed second grade playground snowball fight! There was color (snowsuits in red, pink, blue, yellow), action (some very direct hits thrown by the boys who play baseball), noise (oh the shouts and yelling and laughter!), and even a few tears (drama, drama!).


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