Wishful Thinking!

Faced with this interminable winter, which refuses to loose an iron grip, a memory surfaces:


San Juan, Puerto Rico: Poolside

What with

lizards appearing and disappearing

and palm fronds waving and unfurling

and  water slipping

over the lip of tiled ledges

into a variety of pools

and small birds there

atop lofty palm antennas

(and then not there)

and the sudden raucous “craw”

of a red macaw

and children screeching in the pool

where a blue ball bobs

There’s so much going on!

Pigeons bow solemnly

Clouds alter constantly

in the bright blue opal of the sky.

How could I possibly be bored?

December 2, 1999

I wrote this for Bernadette, long before she became our Irish correspondent —

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7 Responses to Wishful Thinking!

  1. Arsen Darnay says:

    Lovely, indeed as one of ours said in childhood, a loverly poem…


  2. Stef says:

    Winter white and bright.
    Not a clear reflective pool,
    yet still – simple peace.


  3. DJE says:

    The opulence of the man-made pleasure dome — a tropical dream at (today) $300 per day; The poem is beautiful — it captures the colors and the sounds —
    The tsunami threat yesterday underscores the fragile nature of beach-front living — but we soon forget — and Phuket, again, is a paradise of indolence and indulgence. Wherever one is, Nature is beautiful and terrible. Take nothing for granted, don’t let your guard down.


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