Show Me Your Original Face (III)

Third try at the challenge of this Zen koan, a kind of riddle with no logical answer: “Show me your original face!” Before you come up blank, and the Zen master rings his little bell and you’re out, a third and final image to help stimulate you:

If I make the lashes dark

And the eyes more bright

And the lips more scarlet,

Or ask if all be right

From mirror after mirror,

No vanity’s displayed:

I’m looking for the face I had

Before the world was made.

—-W.B. Yeats

(A classic Zen koan is,  Show me your original face, the face that you had before you were born. Sometimes framed as, the face that you had before your father and mother were born. Have you ever seen your original face? To glimpse it, I imagine, might be like coming home. )

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2 Responses to Show Me Your Original Face (III)

  1. Therese Bertsch says:

    So Judy, this theme has been working on me. My rendering, response to do with as you will.


    To be whole, is to fulfill in lovemaking that urge for ecstatic union

    That is what they say, and this is how my mind talks to me

    My responses have become automatic now

    And yet, I am surprised simply by your presence

    It fills my being

    It is enough

    I am more

    Beyond the grasp of lovemaking

    I am disposed towards the creator

    Love is not given in exchange; it is the essence of our being

    It is only the distortion or perversion of love that separates us

    From ourselves

    From others

    Division is the source of our suffering

    Hiding in the garden of shame

    Your love penetrates, awakens, sustains

    Love stretches far beyond lovemaking

    Love unites

    Love does not shame in all of her appearances

    Love is shared, it is sent

    Love is the essence of our being

    Love is our original face and our ultimate end.


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