No More Questions to Ask?

“Looking out over the pure sweep of seamless desert, it surprises me to realize that the easy landscapes stifle me — closed walls of forests, ceilings of boughs, neat trimmed lawns and ruffled curtains of trees hiding the soft horizons. I prefer the absences and the big empties, where the wind ricochets off the mountain flanks. I prefer the crystalline dryness and an unadulterated sky strewn horizon to horizon with stars. I prefer the raw edges and the unfinished hems of the desert landscape.

“Desert is where I want to be when there are no more questions to ask.”

Ann Zwinger,  Nature writer, Wellesley alumna

I love this quote from Ann Zwinger, but I can’t go along with it all the way. There are ALWAYS more questions to ask. For instance, no sooner are we here in our new home in the Pioneer Valley then we are off again: to the desert, to Arizona. Why?

Well, back in the snowy wastes of December we realized that we were delusional about selling our house, that no one would would buy anything until May and the very beginning of the Berkshire “season”. So it would be a good idea to schedule a trip to the sunshine for April, right? Wrong.

In February “the” buyers came along. The ones who loved our house and only our house, and who bought it with just one string attached: we had to be out and into someplace else within 5 1/2 weeks. Ouch! But buyers being scarcer than hen’s teeth, we did it, and here we are. However, since the Arizona trip was already bought and paid for, it’s also here we were, and here we’ll be again, but not for a month.

Fortunately the desert is immensely photogenic, and I have plenty of April photos from 2010, plus whatever beckons to my camera this time, so I plan to stay connected and hope y’all will travel out west with me to the sand and the saguaros, and the desert in bloom. And all the new questions —-

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6 Responses to No More Questions to Ask?

  1. chriscaff says:

    Great stuff! Good luck in your new home, and looking forward to many more shots of the wild.


  2. Pauline says:

    I liked those wide open spaces and 100 mile vistas in Colorado and in Arizona and New Mexico, but just to visit. I would not want to live there. I’m a New England girl through and through, though the Pacific Northwest exerted a tremendous pull when I was there. Just think – forests that go right down to the ocean! (Sort of like Maine, which also pulls.)

    Hope you’re having a good time. At least it’s warmer there than here; though we dodged the big Nor’Easter, it’s still quite chilly. However, the sun is smiling on the sheets flapping in the wind and no rain is expected until next week. Let me know when you’re home. I have LOTS of questions 🙂


    • Touch2Touch says:

      You are consonant with your birth landscape, Pauline, which is a fortunate coincidence. Others have to seek out their landscape(s).
      I spent several summers in the desert (El Paso) as a child, and I think it marked me. Otherwise I’m not such a Nature Girl as you; but this landscape certainly inspires my camera. Then again, so did Maine — So did Japan —
      I’ll say this about Tucson: my bones are finally beginning to warm up!
      (BTW, I doubt somehow that you and I are going to run out of questions —- :-D)


  3. Stef says:

    The colors in this image (i.e,. the blues and the greens) remind me a LOT of an ocean image one of my other blogging pals took yesterday. (Two *very* different subjects; and yet, so similar, too…):

    Synergy – a wonderful thing.



    • Touch2Touch says:

      I follow Christine’s blog, Stef, and saw and really liked the Key West bridge photo — Posted this one late yesterday and never would have thought about any resemblance. But as soon as you mention it, I see it. You’ve got the eye, girl —


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