Tucson in A Different Mood —

Everything’s been all “hon and dearie” (as my mother used to say) with the weather in Tucson. Sun shining, blue sky, warm breeze. Envy of the East.

But everything changed today. We had cloudy, we had stiff wind, we had blowing dust, we had dark clouds. We even had a raindrop, or two, or twelve. Mother Nature does her thing without regard for her children! But the sun, not to be overcome, finally appeared just at its setting time, and here’s the dramatic change of mood from yesterday captured on my Canon:

If J.M.W. Turner were alive and well and living today out in Arizona —- his kind of sky.

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18 Responses to Tucson in A Different Mood —

  1. Pauline says:

    Or Ansel Adams! What a gorgeous color the light is!


  2. Stef says:

    “Mood Shift” is a great title for this picture. I can feel the contrast; powerful.


  3. Touch2Touch says:

    Thanks, mesdames.
    MOST of the day was gray and windy and dusty and gloomy.
    But these ten minutes or so pulled it out.


  4. So very beautiful. Makes me want to be where you are.


  5. Kattsby says:

    What an awesome photo! The light is incredible!


  6. The clouds, wind and sprinkles of rain make those precious few minutes of sunlight even more appreciated. I am glad you are able to enjoy a little R&R. I hope that the sunlight returns and continues to fill your Tucson sky.

    Thank you for sharing the beautiful picture with us! I always enjoy seeing a view of the world other people are fortunate enough to experience! 🙂



  7. Joss says:

    what a beautiful image. thank you for capturing this and sharing it with us. wow.


    • Touch2Touch says:

      Thank you, Joss, and thanks for coming by.
      Your blog looks fascinating, and I love your “motto”:
      “Old enough to be wise, wise enough to be humble, humble enough to be gentle!”

      The best of growing old and up!


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