Where to Lose Weight on Vacation…

I really had to laugh when I saw the headline in the New York Times Health Section:  Where to Lose Weight on Vacation.

Here we are in Arizona, not a scale in the rented house, but all I need is the snug and snugger fit in the jeans to know that this vacation, far from being a slimming experience, is in fact packing on the pounds. What the Times writer had in mind was one of four exclusive spas, one of them even here in AZ, where top-flight chefs confect delightful meals that also leave you lithe and limber — and slimmer.


Tucson, unlike our own Berkshires, has lots of ethnics, and the many restaurants reflect that delicious diversity. We’ve had Mexican food, and Italian food, and Japanese and Chinese food, and fusion American and breakfast American and lunch American and dinner American, and the range goes from Pretty Good to TERRIFIC. Portions are huge, in the good ol’/ bad ol’ American style, so for every meal at a restaurant there’s another at home from the ubiquitous plastic bags most everybody carries home.

Don’t misunderstand me: it’s been a pleasure! But one that will have to be paid for when we return home next week. Goodbye, Blanco! Farewell, Frost Gelato! Wildflower, your Bars of Sin will tempt us no more —

The Apotheosis of Kit-Kats: Bars of Sin

So long, it’s been good to know you all —-

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8 Responses to Where to Lose Weight on Vacation…

  1. Meg says:

    Loved your lauding of our Tucson diversity … this is one great dining destination, theatre town, arts arcade, and pleasant people populace. Ignore our crazy politicians and come spend time in Southwest AZ before we secede and establish Baja Arizona as the only logical response to our Phoenix-based legislature.


  2. Pauline says:

    A moment on the lips, a year on the hips… ah but you’ll soon be home and acquainting yourself with all the lovely eateries in Northampton. The only thing to do is to walk to each and every one 😉


  3. Kattsby says:

    Oh, that looks really delicious! Glad you’ve had a pleasant time there with lots of yummy food. Guess there will be many refreshing walks when you get back.
    I’ve never had any problems with weight, but after this winter I can’t even get into certain jeans anymore …. and I didn’t even have to go anywhere on vacation! Now I must do something radical so it doesn’t get out of hand! Walking.


  4. Stef says:

    Okay – but that dessert looks FANTASTIC! 🙂

    Still, if you need some ‘slimmer’ meal ideas, I have a few for you: http://savorysundays.wordpress.com/


    • Touch2Touch says:

      That dessert was FANTASTIC — and dessert isn’t even my favorite part of a meal.
      I’ll check out Savory Sundays when we’re back home in MA and vacation feeding frenzy (!) is behind us 🙂


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