A Christmas Story Footnote: Me and Medusa?

The comments on recent A Christmas Story — Kind Of were funny and interesting and ultimately provocative.

Why did it take me four tries to post a Self-Portrait on sister blog A View from the Woods that showed more than a shadow, an eye, a reflection? That curious reluctance actually to show my face in public was seemingly echoed by many blogging women. Where two male bloggers I follow boldly displayed themselves (one as a Rembrandt hero, the other looking, to my mind, like a movie star) — many, perhaps most, women confined themselves to glimpses, like I did. One of the funniest and most forthright women bloggers I know still hasn’t brought herself to do a self-portrait (see comments, you’ll find it). Why should this be?

I’ve wondered and wondered, and this is what I came up with this morning, as I posted over on sister blog A View from the Woods. If you have a moment, take a look at About the Self-Portrait Challenge: Me and Medusa. I’d certainly appreciate any thoughts you may have. Just remember to mind the snakes!

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