A Friday Smile!

(I LOVED this explanation of a phenomenon I only partly understand, and even less participate in. It comes courtesy of a blog from England, Julia’s Place, and was her “Friday Smile.” Hope it will make you do so too!)

Julia's Place

I love twitter and blogging because it shares so many fabulous things. This picture arrived in my in-box care of Kate Takes Five. It had arrived with her via The Blog Tyrant who says that it originally came from Three Ships Media

Wherever it came from it is just right to make you smile and kick you week-end off on the right note!

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24 Responses to A Friday Smile!

  1. Simplicity ships. Wish I could have such clarity in all I do.
    At very least I yearn for it. Keeps me going.
    Sharing rocks. Thank you. sQs Delray Beach FL


  2. Stef says:

    This is FANTASTIC! I’m sharing this with my peeps on Facebook; I think they’ll love it. 😉


  3. I’ve seen this before, I think on Pinterest? It’s so true!


  4. jfb57 says:

    It just has to be shared doesn’t it!


  5. Think I would like to share this as well. Wonder if any of my oldies have seen it? Really clarifies the whole social media evolution.


    • Touch2Touch says:

      There you go, Linda, putting into words what I was only thinking. It really does clarify which is which for the older folk, of whom I are one!
      If you decide to reblog, probably best to do it from Julia’s Place, the origin!


  6. The explanation is helpful and it did make me smile but I’ll take a good, solid book in my two hands any day!


  7. Thanks for making me smile 🙂
    It manages to be informative while making the point that so much posting of information is empty and superfluous (who really cares?).


  8. suitablefish says:

    I love it. a smile and a laugh.


  9. This is so funny! I have not had to dive into all these social groups, but ones I have fit this board to a “T”. Thanks for passing along the chuckle to us! 🙂


  10. coolfeline says:

    Great list! Funny..

    Personally, I feel it’s getting to be too much of it. I’m going to ‘un-join’ G+, for starters. Instagram is only for the people who are iPhone owners. Pinterest is a fairly new service, that quickly has become immensely popular [most of all amongst women?!].

    I’ve had my Twitter account since 2006 and I don’t feel that I can part with it. I use it as a news source. Most often I find news faster there than on CNN.


    • Touch2Touch says:

      Interesting. And I’m glad to know a little more from your comment. G+ didn’t appeal to me so I never joined; sounds like that jibes with your experience. Don’t have an iPhone. Never went on Twitter becuz I don’t use a cell phone; I assume that’s how it works.
      Pinterest I’d never heard of before Julia’s post, guess I’d better google it. It might appeal because I see from the list it was about recipes!!!!! Is it?


      • coolfeline says:

        Pinterest is what you want it to be, I guess … any interest a person has, he/she PINS …P-interest.. hence the name.

        G+ isn’t going anywhere, methinks.. Twitter is not just for cellphones… I look at it in my browser, and my blogs are auto-posted to Twitter too.


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