A Marvelous Present for You!

Because I love every one of you, my viewers, I am wasting NO time in gifting you with two hilarious videos that I’ve just seen. Now if you’re among the very few in the US and England who have not been glued to the television watching Downton Abbeythe latest and most lavish of the TV supersoaps about Edwardian England, then I apologize. The videos won’t even make you smile, I’m afraid. (Although clicking the link above will allow you to watch online if you wish.)

But if you’re with the rest of us who’ve stuck to the Upstairs Crawleys and assorted Downstairs Downton Abbey staff  through Season 1 and Season 2 and need something to tide you over the long months till Season 3, here you are, my dears:

AND the bonus:

You can vote for your favorite character here, if you like. How about choosing one from Column A, Upstairs, and one from Column B, Downstairs? And we’ll see who wins —Or are you waiting for the arrival of Shirley Maclaine as the American grandmother. She will go mano a mano with Dame Maggie Smith next season! Don’t wait a minute, click now, the videos are laugh out loud funny if you’ve seen even one episode —

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12 Responses to A Marvelous Present for You!

  1. I have missed this, therefore, I will have to watch henceforth on the computer to catch up….I hope all the episodes are up.


  2. coolfeline says:

    Hilarious! I didn’t miss one episode of the real thing…


  3. pauline says:

    LOVE Downton Abbey. These clips made me laugh – spoofs are almost always fun.


    • Touch2Touch says:

      Spoofs are’t always well done, though — and I think these really are! Amazingly so —
      “Maggie Smith” doesn’t look so much like her, but if you only listen, the voice is EXACT.


  4. Thanks for sharing this! Loved it. Love the show.


  5. Jolly good send-up; absolutely brill!
    Cheers! 😉


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