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FASCINATING POST from Adrienne of A Tree Grows in Brooklyn —
Did you ever wonder why things KEEL over? Wonder no more!

Adrienne works at the Brooklyn Navy Yard, and went booted and hard hat-ted to bring this post to the world. Bravo, Adrienne! (Brooklyn is my birthplace, and I was living there during World War II, when the Navy Yard was famed as a heroic place doing heroic work. Our memories are long —)


Hi F&F,

The Brooklyn Navy Yard (BNY) was founded in 1801 and was the nation’s premiere naval industrial facility. During World War II the BNY was known as the “Can Do Yard”. That moniker is, and was, a testament to the workers ability  to meet demanding production quotas without forfeiting quality or safety standards. At the height of the war-time effort, the BNY employed over 70,000 people; working 7 days a week; 24 hours a day.

Today’s yard is a much different place. No longer; a naval facility, the 300 acre site is an example of a successful modern urban industrial park.  It is home to the greatest concentration of manufacturing and green businesses in New York City.  BNY is populated by such diverse businesses as movie studios, furniture manufacturers, architectural designers, electronics distributors and jewelers; yet it hasn’t lost its connection to the rich maritime past; thanks to yard tenant  GMD…

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  1. Hi Judith,

    Thank you for sharing my little adventure with your readers. It means a lot to me to know you thought the post was worth sharing your pixels. Your site is terrific and I view it as prime real estate. Thanks for letting me squat in your neighborhood and in your luxury digs. 🙂

    Also, a word of, thanks for directing Mr. Maiocco to my post on the triangle factory fire. I engaged in a lovely exchange with him. I learned more about the building and had the chance to visit his blog His writing on Alzheimer’s is moving and resonates with me because the disease touched my family.

    I hope you had a glorious Easter.



    • Touch2Touch says:

      Only too happy to have you visit, I updated the post this morning with my own Brooklyn connection, and why I particularly loved your post.

      Sharing is what I like best of all, and I was really happy that Don followed through on my recommendation. I kvelled (Yiddish for, hmmm, kvell) that it resulted in such a terrific exchange. Yes, his lovely wife is in a nursing home now, and his posts are beautiful but sometimes almost unbearable. My own father died of Alzheimer’s.

      A small world? You bet!


  2. I think the work these people do is amazing. Even more amazing is the fact these ships float. When you see them out of the water, completely dry, I cannot fathom how they can carry people and object across the oceans.


  3. Hi Touch,
    I know you are a nostalgic Brooklyn expat. I think you should check out The Weekly Nabe blog (on WordPress) . The author, Keith, is exploring all the neighborhoods of Brooklyn. His posts are well researched and have loads of pictures. I discovered him via his post about my neighborhood, Clinton Hill.
    I wasn’t sure how to place a link in the comments so here is URL.



    • Touch2Touch says:

      Will definitely check this out, Tree.
      My old neighborhood (we are really talking OLD) doesn’t exactly have a name, but maybe I’ll come across it on Keith’s blog —


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