Plus or Minus?

A thought for today:

Knowledge is learning something every day.

Wisdom is letting go of something every day.

A Zen Proverb

What will today bring?

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20 Responses to Plus or Minus?

  1. Carolina says:

    beautiful photo, beautiful quote!


    • Touch2Touch says:

      Thanks, Carolina. I really am curious, for myself today, and for viewers. Maybe people will weigh in with what happened?


      • Carolina says:

        …. I just came across these words:

        “In the pursuit of knowledge,
        everyday something is added.
        In the practice of the Way,
        everyday something is dropped.
        Less and less do you need to force things,
        until finally you arrive at non-action.
        When nothing is done,
        nothing is left undone.”


  2. Gemma says:

    I let go of some anger and bitterness today.
    I learned that this makes for a better day.
    I should already know that, I realize this. But I forget and also find it hard to do.
    Live and learn, and live with more tranquility.
    Sorry. No zen quote there but, you get my drift. 🙂


  3. tms says:

    Since we are in the middle of moving, we let go of a lot of things – 3 meters of our beloved books, among other things. Yes, that feels good. Even if it does not really mean we are travelling light now. The remaining books will be odered differently, too – and that’s part of the fun of moving (even if my back does not agree with the last statement).
    Humans, it seems, are made for moving … treading the savannas …
    More generally I always hope to “let go” of something I learned, sharing what I seem to know …


    • Touch2Touch says:

      It says a lot that after one of the great ordeals known to humankind you are still able to provide a thoughtful and provocative (and hopeful!) comment! Congratulations on retaining your sanity and sense of humor. (It’s important not to give those up, I think.)

      P.S. We did the same last year with our books when we moved to Northampton, and never missed a beat. “Treading the savannas” — I love it.
      Good luck to you both, and stay in touch as you can.


  4. thirdhandart says:

    I’ve got to work on this myself: Let go of bitter memories and welcome knowledge… growth.


  5. Patti Kuche says:

    What a lovely, and such well-balanced, thought. Now to put it into practice . . .


  6. reb says:

    I’m letting go of some anger. I’ve learnt that in spite of that broken trust is almost impossible to ‘mend’, it was once granted to me and now I’m trying to give back. Eekk..that got way too complicated and personal, but you get the basic idea…

    It’s a nice picture. Is it one of those things you put underneath pots?


    • Touch2Touch says:

      I think anger is easier to work on than trust, but again — little by little —

      (It’s a large thick straw placemat, which we use on the table to set hot serving dishes on. I use small ones for pots in the kitchen. I like this one a lot, but it’s beginning to fall apart!)


  7. Perhaps, if we are learning new ways to be in this world, then we automatically let go of old ways? New behaviors eliminating the need for old? New ways of thinking pushing out the over-used thoughts?

    I like this quote a lot…


  8. suitablefish says:

    It’s a great quote. Today I let go of another ounce of perfection (painting door trim) and I learned that our friend Frizz is a painter, among many other talents. It’s a great day! Hope the same for you.


    • Touch2Touch says:

      Well, today I looked closely at strange red bark on some trees in Look Park, and shared a hot dog (instead of eating a whole one) with the hub.
      Yup, I think that qualifies as a great day. Thanks!


  9. Stef says:

    And equanimity is possessing clarity to know what to learn, and what to let go. 🙂


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