And on Thursday —

On Monday, at the Museum, behind closed doors we got to feast on some great art.

Last Thursday the Hub and I, granddaughter and boyfriend all took the opportunity to feast on some great food in the form of tapas at Northampton’s very special Spanish restaurant, Ibiza. I’m a firm believer that cooking can be an art form. You can check out some kitchen masterpieces from our Thursday night’s orgy dinner over at sister blog View from the Woods, where I invite you to Come On, Let’s Do Tapas!

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4 Responses to And on Thursday —

  1. The food at Ibiza looks completely yummy – the sort of thing I’d love to eat every night if I could, only I’d find self-control difficult (and you’re so right about the Spanish being lean and trim)! Your post reminded me of one I posted a couple of summers ago on eating in Andalucia, where we’d spent a summer holiday. Since you’re clearly in the mood for Spanish feasting (and so am I now!), I include the link here:
    Thanks for yet another great post – it’s always fun to visit here!


    • Touch2Touch says:

      What can I say after seeing your post? MOAN! Everybody, quickly check out Karen’s post for some more photographic Valentines to Spanish culinary glories.
      Karen, your photos always make me long to be right there with you, on the spot!

      We’ve never been to the South of Spain, but have been to other regions. For a small country, it’s amazingly various, each region with its own attractions. But good food is a constant.
      And the churros, and the hot chocolate! We first sampled those, actually, in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico, where they DO give you a large cup of chocolate and never mind the heart attacks and diabetic comas. Fortunately Ibiza doesn’t serve them!!!!!


  2. reb says:

    I just came back from there — true food art!


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