Life is Just a Bowl of —–

How could I decide between dark lush Bing cherries and blushing rosy Queen Anne (or Rainier, take your pick) cherries? I couldn’t. So I got ’em both. I was making great inroads on them when I decided they needed a worthy bowl (beautiful Taizé special glaze) in order to have their portrait taken before I nibbled them all up.

All the while I was nibbling, the song kept echoing in my mind:

(This version is from the movie, Pennies from Heaven, with Steve Martin, Bernadette Peters, and Jessica Harper mouthing away.)

The words were more downbeat than my memory had them, but the cheerful bouncy tune just wouldn’t quit. What’s that all about? Later that afternoon I had occasion to go to our local bank. The Hub transacted a little business while I looked over at the waiting area to be greeted by this:

It just doesn’t have the same lilt, does it? “Life is Just a Chicken of Cherries —” Nope.   Synchronicity? Some deeper meaning? Afraid not! Guess I’ll take the song’s advice, “Just live and laugh at it all!”

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17 Responses to Life is Just a Bowl of —–

  1. Madhu says:

    Not as pretty as yours either 🙂


  2. a beautiful bowl filled with fresh cherries, life is good indeed.


  3. I love the song. I learned it when I was a kid by listening to a recording of Rudy Vallee. Love the photo too! Madhu is right–yours is prettier!


    • Touch2Touch says:

      There’s a Rudy Vallee from 1931 on Youtube. It’s terrific for the sound, the bounce and high pitch of that characteristic 20’s 30’s sound. But no visual movement. So I went with the Steve Martin, becuz I thought it was amazing to see him way back when. Do check out the Rudy Vallee for nostalgia’s sake.


  4. A chicken of cherries?! Hysterical! Yours do look yummy. The ones in the chicken’s belly – not so much 🙂


  5. I love both the bowl and the chicken of cherries (and yes, as I write that it does sound faintly ridiculous!). Very photogenic, cherries. And that sweet, colourful arrangement in a bank?! I think you live in a most delightful town 🙂


    • Touch2Touch says:

      The chicken of cherries is faintly ridiculous, but it’s fun — and you’re right, that is exactly what Northampton is like!
      I shouldn’t even have been surprised, I should have been like, Of course!


  6. cocomino says:

    Of course, life is good as well as the cherry.


  7. mybrightlife says:

    My mother tells me that my folks were lying in bed munching their way through a bowl of cherries and trying to spit the pips out the window, discussing ‘the idea of having me’. So life and a bowl of cherries has meaning in my life!


  8. A chicken of cherries…still laughing!!


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