Only the “greenhouses” aren’t green — they’re white!

Backing up a little, the two elite women’s colleges in the Pioneer Valley, Smith and Mount Holyoke, both do their bit to cheer up Valley residents in March with Spring Bulb Shows. Smith’s show is grander, Mount Holyoke’s is more intimate, but they’re both wonderful, bringing — are you ready? — a breath of spring to a region that’s been under a sentence of winter for what seems about now like eternity.

We visited the greenhouse at Mount Holyoke on Saturday, breathed our fill of hyacinths and freesias, reveled in the wonderful colors, and of course went to town taking photographs. It was only when I was looking at the photos back on the computer that I realized that the greenhouses —- hey, that’s what they’re called, right? — in fact are white. The cast iron, heavily glassed structures, with their mid-nineteenth century architectural reminiscences, are considered only a background for the wonders within. But somehow, this time, my eye was caught by how the structure backed up, or framed, or set off, the flowers in an unobtrusive, but crucial way. So my selection for you is not the gorgeousness of color, but the whiteness of the sheltering structures themselves:

Reflections in a Pool

Reflections in a Pool —

Red Tulips

Red on the White —

White Daffodils

White on White —-

Green on White

Raising the Roof —

Big Sky Country

Indoors/Outdoors —

I know I could have posted these as a gallery, but I’ve chosen instead to salute them one by one, as they slowly revealed themselves to me back at home.  (If you want to see another unusual photo from the white greenhouse, take a look over at sister blog View from the Woods.)

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26 Responses to IN THE “GREENHOUSE”

  1. Gemma says:

    I agree. One by one. Really nice.


  2. gwenkuo says:

    Nice post of the green house, architecture and space. I found it’s quite interesting to view the space/place through different lenses…


  3. cocomino says:

    What a nice place. Since my wife and I like flowers, it’s a fun place.


  4. tms says:

    “Red on White” is my favourite, but this is altogether a great series. I like your idea of integrating the surrounding structures into the pictures. You offer a visual understanding of the place. And I agree: One by one is wonderful.


    • Touch2Touch says:

      What was so exciting for me was that I didn’t consciously set out to take the photos that way. It was lurking in my subconscious (obviously) and I only discovered it on the computer screen back at home.
      I love when unexpected things like that happen —
      Things as always for your comment, Tobias. It brightens the day when one arrives!


  5. white or green, you did a lovely job of capturing the beauty and spirit of the place.


  6. Stef says:

    Greenhouses are fantastic places to visit in the lingering winter months. I love the colors you captured!


  7. Lovely, lovely, lovely!!!! The last photo could win awards!!! Reminds me of Styer’s Cafe at Terrains that is in a greenhouse ( I love to be inside that quiet beautiful world. Beautiful post………….loved it.


  8. What a treasure to have so close by!


  9. 2e0mca says:

    Very Nice – Those white Daf’s are glorious 🙂 Easter Holidays are almost upon us; I feel a visit to Kew coming on 🙂


  10. pauline says:

    Heaven should be scented with warm earth and sweet blossoms!


  11. Patti Kuche says:

    That lovely brilliant light – feeling warmer already, thank you so much Judith!


  12. coastalcrone says:

    Beautiful photos! I am inspired. And thanks for stopping by to visit one of my posts.


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