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The eager innocent eyes are those of Martin Richard, 8 years old, first victim of the depraved bombers who desecrated the Boston Marathon. The marathon commemorates the horseback ride of Paul Revere to rouse his fellow countrymen on April 15th, … Continue reading

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A Sort-of-New Year’s Resolution

I have hooded eyes. Lots of people do. Perhaps you who are reading this are doing so with your own hooded eyes. I only know about them, though, because my grandmother had them. Not only do we share hooded eyes, … Continue reading

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The Universe Within —

Remember the fabulous lotus pond my friend introduced me to? It wasn’t only the beauty of the lotus flowers that so touched me when I wrote that post. For decades (this is many years ago) I carried around a quotation … Continue reading

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Beach Creatures Do the Locomotion —

Most times when people speak about evolution, they do so as if it’s all ended with modern man. Of course that’s chutzpah; the evolutionary force will do what it wants. There is, however, a Dutch artist named Theo Jansen who … Continue reading

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