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Second Guessing: The War Within

I have a tiny whisper that goes in and out with me, And what can be the use of it is more than I can see. (with apologies to Robert Louis Stevenson) My tiny whisper goes in and out with me,  such a steady … Continue reading

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The eager innocent eyes are those of Martin Richard, 8 years old, first victim of the depraved bombers who desecrated the Boston Marathon. The marathon commemorates the horseback ride of Paul Revere to rouse his fellow countrymen on April 15th, … Continue reading

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I think I’ve confessed this publicly before: I am innumerate. What an illiterate is among letters, I am among numbers. It’s a skill I don’t possess. A magnetic field, or rather anti-magnetic field, surrounds me, and I repel mathematical understanding. … Continue reading

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Behind the Blog

“Persistence isn’t very glamorous. If genius is one percent inspiration and ninety-nine percent perspiration, then as a culture we tend to lionize the one percent.  We love its flash and dazzle. But great power lies in the other ninety-nine percent.’ … Continue reading

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Another Scary Hallowe’en!

Last year, Hallowe’en brought us a blizzard, the Snowtober Blizzard, a weird, out-of-season storm. It devastated the trees here in our community, brought down power lines some of which weren’t repaired for weeks, closed down towns and cities and even, … Continue reading

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Color Me Blue — No More

It’s been one of those days. I’ve been dragging my feet, er, fingers. What’s the point of my blogging? All these wonderful creative clever gorgeous and innovative blogs, and here I am, just going along down the same old streets, … Continue reading

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The End of a Relationship?

Originally posted on purringly:
This morning, I was made aware of that there’s a commenting problem going around in WordPress. On March 14, they changed something in their commenting system, and this is apparently causing problems. Some people can’t comment…

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Is This Post a Mistake?

“He who makes no mistakes makes no progress.” — Theodore Roosevelt Recent post The Hardest Thing posed the dilemma of crossing bridges or burning them, and the difficulty of choosing. In reply to a number of thoughtful comments and questions, I promised … Continue reading

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Redemption at the Mall —

Or perhaps I mean Inspiration at the Mall? Hadn’t picked up my camera in ages, had no ideas, nothing lit up or intrigued me, everything was down down down for me in the world of photography. And then I remembered … Continue reading

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Portrait of Achan (Unfinished)

Read this excerpt and tell me what you think it adds up to: Messages that give us feedback about life. Interruptions that should cause us to reflect and think. Signposts that direct us to the right path. Tests that push … Continue reading

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