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Why I Haven’t Been Posting Lately —

I blame it on this guy: Roger Sessions (1896 – 1985) was the most prolific and illustrious 20th century composer I had never heard of. That is, until I entered the continuing education seminar I’m taking now, Music for Mourning. It … Continue reading

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The “WHOMP!” Factor

And what do I mean by the “WHOMP!” factor? Well, for Downton Abbey watchers, it was the episode just before last in Season 3, when Lady Sybil, in the throes of childbirth, suddenly began to exhibit symptoms of eclampsia and … Continue reading

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The Way It Is in the Winter of the Soul —

Almost February, the nadir of the year (according to me). Even though the light has begun returning, it is still a dark time, cold, snowy, gray when it isn’t black. My head tells me that, underneath the snowy blanket outside, … Continue reading

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INFERNO! (Well, not exactly —-)

But when you’re woken out of a sound sleep at four in the morning because the hotel’s fire alarm is honking madly away, you can be excused for expecting a great drama. At least. Here’s what happened — It had … Continue reading

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The Butterflies of Ephemera

“We become so consumed with chasing the butterflies of ephemera that we forget to stop, sit and focus on the eternal.” – Tim Shead Mr. Google having been less than helpful, I’m not exactly sure just who Tim Shead is … Continue reading

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Sailing on a Ship of Thought

We’re all familiar with the phrase, a “train of thought.” To follow our thoughts wherever they lead, without worrying about consistency or logic. That’s what I found myself doing this morning when I was brushing my teeth, but — considering … Continue reading

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On Memorial Day —

It’s Memorial Day weekend, formerly called Decoration Day, because of the still-observed custom of decorating graves, especially of those who served in the armed forces, with flowers and American flags. Died in battle — or at any rate, once struggled … Continue reading

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On NOT Borrowing Trouble —

First out of the box to suggest an improv post, Marge Katherine of  Inside-Out Café: Ok! How about you write a post about this quote “Do not anticipate trouble, or worry about what may never happen. Keep in the sunlight,” by … Continue reading

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I was going to give you a springtime post of the glorious flowers on display at the recent Mount Holyoke Bulb Show, wonders of nature if there ever were such. But they’ve been preempted by another wonder of nature, not … Continue reading

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I’m a simple soul, and Heaven to me is getting off the WordPress spam list so that I can once again visit and comment on my friends’ blogs, instead of being a pariah and having my words sent to oblivion … Continue reading

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