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Birds of Look Park

Birds: not my usual photographic pursuit. Some of my favorite bloggers concentrate on birds. They seem to be half avian themselves (the bloggers, the birds are wholly avian), because they have such wonderful rapport with the feathered creatures. Their photos … Continue reading

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He Wanted a Mountain, So —

his mother bought one for him, and the rest of us have benefited to this day. Or so the tale is told. “He” was Albert Coolidge, only son of Elizabeth Sprague Coolidge, who became known as the Fairy Godmother of … Continue reading

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The Universe Within —

Remember the fabulous lotus pond my friend introduced me to? It wasn’t only the beauty of the lotus flowers that so touched me when I wrote that post. For decades (this is many years ago) I carried around a quotation … Continue reading

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Two Faces of Maine

The wrap up post from our recent excursion to the state where life is “the way it should be” — One face features the downtown streets of Portland, Maine’s principal city. Here the weathered, charming old blends into the sleek, … Continue reading

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That’s the slogan of the state of Maine, which rests on a foundation of simplicity, peace, sky, sea, and pine trees. Miles and miles and MILES of pine trees! Portland, its largest city, is something else, however. Located on a … Continue reading

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That’s the slogan of the State of Maine. It’s the sign that greets travelers crossing the invisible line on I-95 just beyond the bridge separating Portsmouth, NH from Kittery, ME, and it always cheers my spirits when it does. Life … Continue reading

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INFERNO! (Well, not exactly —-)

But when you’re woken out of a sound sleep at four in the morning because the hotel’s fire alarm is honking madly away, you can be excused for expecting a great drama. At least. Here’s what happened — It had … Continue reading

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The Medicine of the World —

Usually my Touch2Touch posts develop from a thought, a quote, a poem, an event. This time, though, I just want to share an image with you. Nothing profound or significant, just an image of a brick wall. I took this … Continue reading

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Hearts and Flowers —

WordPress runs a photography challenge on provocative themes that change weekly. This week’s is INSIDE. It’s always interesting to see how many ingenious and fascinating different ways there are of interpreting a single word. Usually I post my own responses on … Continue reading

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Bloggers, in Three Dimensions

Most blogging encounters occur out in cyberspace. The meetings of the minds — and  photographs and texts —  take place in the two dimensions of Flatland. But every once in a while, kind of like a pop-up,  an actual meeting … Continue reading

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