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Sequence of a Sunset

We went out into the desert for a very special picnic, a farewell to the sun and a farewell to Arizona. (Yes, I know the sun leaves every day and returns, and the farewell to Arizona may be permanent — … Continue reading

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Where to Lose Weight on Vacation…

I really had to laugh when I saw the headline in the New York Times Health Section:  Where to Lose Weight on Vacation. Here we are in Arizona, not a scale in the rented house, but all I need is … Continue reading

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Tucson in A Different Mood —

Everything’s been all “hon and dearie” (as my mother used to say) with the weather in Tucson. Sun shining, blue sky, warm breeze. Envy of the East. But everything changed today. We had cloudy, we had stiff wind, we had … Continue reading

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Arizona Geometrics

Some visitors here, not all, know that I have two blogs: Touch2Touch, and A View from the Woods. Back in dim blogging history when I began, I had a semi-clear vision of the difference between them. One would deal with … Continue reading

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No More Questions to Ask?

“Looking out over the pure sweep of seamless desert, it surprises me to realize that the easy landscapes stifle me — closed walls of forests, ceilings of boughs, neat trimmed lawns and ruffled curtains of trees hiding the soft horizons. … Continue reading

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