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The Smallest Room in the House

Here’s a bit of word play for you: Earth Without Art is Eh! A proposition with which I heartily agree. The bathroom is usually the smallest room in a house, but that’s no reason it can’t be a gallery all the … Continue reading

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To Keep the Feast —

When I first took up painting still lifes, it was Cezanne’s apples and oranges that were my ideal and inspiration.  They were an A-B-C for me: they radiate assurance, boldness, confidence and courage. Wouldn’t you think, looking at Cezanne’s every painting, … Continue reading

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The Jewel in the Lotus —

Anyone who’s flirted even mildly with Tibetan Buddhism knows this mantra for chanting: Om mani padme hum. What does it mean? “Hail, The Jewel is in the Lotus.” But what does that mean? Even though I’ve chanted it myself (although I am … Continue reading

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That’s the slogan of the State of Maine. It’s the sign that greets travelers crossing the invisible line on I-95 just beyond the bridge separating Portsmouth, NH from Kittery, ME, and it always cheers my spirits when it does. Life … Continue reading

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The rain (or mist or perhaps fine drizzle) early this morning is so quiet I’m not sure it’s raining at all until I put my ear to the open window and hear a faint pattering, a whispering over the parched … Continue reading

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On Mondays, at the Museum —

THE INSIDE STORY! It’s Monday, the day almost every museum in the world is closed to the public. If you’ve ever wondered what goes on behind those gated doors on Mondays, there’s a delightful poem by Marilyn Donnelly that gives … Continue reading

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A Wonder and a Delight —-

  Back in 1930 Edith Hamilton wrote in her classic, The Greek Way: “The Greeks were not the victims of depression. Greek literature is not done in gray or with a low palette. It is all black and shining white or … Continue reading

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Maybe you were expecting me to introduce you to Northampton, our new home, with something a tad more glamorous? More exalted? But Northampton is a very quirky place and I think it’s really fitting that I start you off in … Continue reading

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This is Not a Pipe —

One of the most famous images from the Dada period of art and literature comes from the brush of the Belgian painter René Magritte: As you see, it’s a painting of a pipe, with the words written on it, Ceci … Continue reading

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Life — and Art — Ever Changing —

The Clark Art Institute, Williamstown, MA, is currently featuring an exhibit of “Pisarro’s People.” It’s a fine and interesting show, but to me the summer’s gem is in the Clark’s Stone Center, a small exhibit of extraordinarily beautiful reclaimed and … Continue reading

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