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In the Morning, “Whatever” —

I got a really interesting letter in the mail yesterday. The subject was prayer. Hmmmmm. Prayer (I suspect) is a subject lots of people find profoundly unappealing, if not a downright

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“But the Beholder Wanting —“

This is a recent post on one of my favorite blogs, cross-ties. After I read it —- At the end of the first stanza of The Parakeets at Karekare, Allen Curnow refers to “a scene waiting to be painted.” Apt, I’d say; apt … Continue reading

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Mindfulness: Another Take

Do one thing at a time — Watch out, pay attention — There are as many ways to define mindfulness and meditation as there are people who

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On Paying Attention

It seems like so little to do, doesn’t it? Just look. Just watch. Just pay attention. Of course it isn’t easy at all, nor is it little. It isn’t only in Zen that it’s one of the things that are … Continue reading

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