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In contrast to cheery Johnny Jump-ups and bold-faced pansies, there’s an introverted branch of the Violaceae family. Violets, true violets, are modest and demure. They shelter underneath their heart-shaped leaves, and even great masses of them never seem to call attention to themselves. Unless … Continue reading

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Two young things were the subjects of the first two flower portraits. So it’s exciting to turn to a more assured, mature beauty for our third. She is known formally as Paeonia Suffruticosa, but Peony is the name we are likely to … Continue reading

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This austere polished ramp leads down to the greenhouses at Smith College. Why were we here? Only because we had guests, and I was fresh out of ideas of what to do with them, and the Chrysanthemum show was on. … Continue reading

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The Medicine of the World —

Usually my Touch2Touch posts develop from a thought, a quote, a poem, an event. This time, though, I just want to share an image with you. Nothing profound or significant, just an image of a brick wall. I took this … Continue reading

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The Strength of a Gingko Tree —

“Those who contemplate the beauty of the earth find reserves of strength that will endure as long as life lasts.” Rachel Carson The woman who exposed the dangers of wholesale pesticide use in Silent Spring was ferociously attacked by chemical companies … Continue reading

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ORCHIDS: Next, The Beautiful

Orchids are rather like fireworks, everybody is always going OOOOOOH! and AAAAAAAAH! at the sight. Not me. I think some of them are exotic, others are beautiful, and still others are, frankly, weird. My first post showed you some of the … Continue reading

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ORCHIDS: First, The Exotic

Last week was the annual show of the Amherst Orchid Society (held here in Northampton, but no matter). Anyone owning a camera feels impelled to go to an orchid show, I think, and I’m no exception; although I’m always uncertain … Continue reading

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Life — and Art — Ever Changing —

The Clark Art Institute, Williamstown, MA, is currently featuring an exhibit of “Pisarro’s People.” It’s a fine and interesting show, but to me the summer’s gem is in the Clark’s Stone Center, a small exhibit of extraordinarily beautiful reclaimed and … Continue reading

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Truth in Advertising —

Maybe it’s because we just went through all the hassle of moving, but the opening lines of this poem by Andrea Cohen struck me with the force of a brass fanfare: If we’d moved her, she’d still have ’em, the … Continue reading

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To Walk With Beauty Until the Very End —

In the house made of dawn, In the house made of evening twilight, In the house made of dark cloud and rain In beauty I walk. With beauty before and behind me, With beauty below and above, With beauty all … Continue reading

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