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The weekly photo challenge on WordPress is INFINITE. I’ve risen to the challenge on A View from the Woods in what I consider a conventional response. True, there are patterns which seemingly repeat forever, and they’re often photogenic. But when … Continue reading

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Of Dragons, Tears, and Renewal

This particular dragon isn’t tearful,  but believe it or not, some are. To discover how these three things connect, dragons, tears, and renewal,  click on the link to sister blog View from the Woods. It’s a post about something important … Continue reading

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Bloggers, in Three Dimensions

Most blogging encounters occur out in cyberspace. The meetings of the minds — and  photographs and texts —  take place in the two dimensions of Flatland. But every once in a while, kind of like a pop-up,  an actual meeting … Continue reading

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I’m becalmed. Maybe it’s the rotten cold I’ve been suffering through since last Friday — but it’s time for a new post here on T2T and the creative juices are all dried up. Or stuffed up. Whatever. So I thought this … Continue reading

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Things Take Time: FRIENDSHIP

“Friendship is a pretty full-time occupation if you really are friendly with somebody. You can’t have too many friends because then you’re just not really friends.” —- Truman Capote Imagine what author Truman Capote would have had to say about Facebook! … Continue reading

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Seven Link Challenge

One of my favorite bloggers, unquenchable Stef of the extraordinary Smile, Kiddo has invited me to participate in a “Seven Links Challenge” (more very soon.) I’m an easily discouraged perfectionist, so my first reaction was, Are you kidding? No way. But … Continue reading

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A Post About — Comments!

There’s ham and eggs, brownies and milk, winter and summer, and POSTS AND COMMENTS.  The one makes the other go, the other pulls the one along. I’m sure I have the most thoughtful, interesting readers anywhere. Your lively comments can enlarge my small … Continue reading

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