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Arise, My Love!

(Note to self: Keep camera by bedside ready to go. Get up earlier, and get out of bed. Northampton may not be the desert, but surely it can muster up a sunrise! Go outside and look at the new day before … Continue reading

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Just-Sitting in the Desert

The birds have vanished into the sky, and now the last cloud drains away. We sit together, the mountain and me, until only the mountain remains. —-  Li Po (Meditation has been a subject on sister blog A View from … Continue reading

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Sequence of a Sunset

We went out into the desert for a very special picnic, a farewell to the sun and a farewell to Arizona. (Yes, I know the sun leaves every day and returns, and the farewell to Arizona may be permanent — … Continue reading

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(Writers face their own dangers: words can be elusive, slippery, even Protean, changing shape before the reader’s very eyes!) Chris of Beyond Anomie recently commented on a post here, No More Questions to Ask: I must admit that on first glance, I read … Continue reading

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Tucson in A Different Mood —

Everything’s been all “hon and dearie” (as my mother used to say) with the weather in Tucson. Sun shining, blue sky, warm breeze. Envy of the East. But everything changed today. We had cloudy, we had stiff wind, we had … Continue reading

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Arizona Geometrics

Some visitors here, not all, know that I have two blogs: Touch2Touch, and A View from the Woods. Back in dim blogging history when I began, I had a semi-clear vision of the difference between them. One would deal with … Continue reading

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There are Always More Questions —

Our last post featured a long profound quote from nature writer Ann Zwinger, which concluded: “Desert is where I want to be when there are no more questions to ask.” To which, being a questioning sort of person, I took … Continue reading

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