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HURRICANE INTERLUDE, or Whoosh with the Wind — UPDATE

Instead of the laden refrigerator I showed while waiting for Irene, the weekend visitor from Hell — here are blue skies on Sunday afternoon. The winds are still high — you can tell from the photo — but the rain … Continue reading

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To Make It Taste A Bit Better —

(Poetry lovers, maybe you’d better skip this post. It may strike you as irreverent — although those who appreciate and love good food may find it a refreshing, even provocative, observation.) Prolific author Alexander McCall Smith’s first fictional creation is … Continue reading

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Haute Cuisine by the Side of the Road!

One of the great word-of-mouth places to eat in the Pioneer Valley is affectionately called the Snack Shack. Which is a perfect descriptor (although not its official name) — All kinds of folk, at all hours, by the side of … Continue reading

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Sequence of a Sunset

We went out into the desert for a very special picnic, a farewell to the sun and a farewell to Arizona. (Yes, I know the sun leaves every day and returns, and the farewell to Arizona may be permanent — … Continue reading

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Where to Lose Weight on Vacation…

I really had to laugh when I saw the headline in the New York Times Health Section:  Where to Lose Weight on Vacation. Here we are in Arizona, not a scale in the rented house, but all I need is … Continue reading

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Giving Up the Search for Pierre —

— or, Jean-Paul Sartre to the rescue: We stopped in for lunch at our favorite restaurant today. Now this restaurant happens to make THE Best Crab Cake in the World (and I am a very tough critic when it comes … Continue reading

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My Vegetable Love

Speaking of romance in the kitchen — I confess my own passion for the charmer of  the vegetable world: It was love at first sight before I even knew its name. Even knew its variety. Even knew whether or not … Continue reading

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In Other Words: Romance in the Kitchen

Evidently there’s alchemy in cooking as in love — It all depends on the proper touch!     Let the meats and vegetables be combined and “married,” instead of meeting each other for the first time when served on the … Continue reading

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Bon Appetit!

It begins early in France— Three-year-olds going to public school in Paris are presented with five-course gourmet lunches, complete with conversation and good manners and a cheese course. This CBS video about the French public school lunch program will definitely … Continue reading

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