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It’s All Connected, Even the Dragons —

I woke up this morning and found I was thinking about dragons. A little strange, when I think how the sun was shining on hot pink rhododendron blossoms and the sky was blue and brilliant. Nothing fierce or dragon-y in sight … Continue reading

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A Hedgehog — and a Goldfish

Expression, for me, does not reside in passions glowing in a human face or manifested by violent movement. The entire arrangement of my picture is expressive; the place occupied by the figures, the empty spaces around them, the proportions, everything … Continue reading

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Sunday in the Park —-

“This is a world both real and unreal – a sacred world. We are often harried by life’s pressures and its speed, and many of us think at times: Stop the world, I want to get off! In this painting, … Continue reading

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In Other Words: Romance in the Kitchen

Evidently there’s alchemy in cooking as in love — It all depends on the proper touch!     Let the meats and vegetables be combined and “married,” instead of meeting each other for the first time when served on the … Continue reading

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