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No “There” There?

Coming up dry for ideas, I had invited three improv challenges from blog viewers and received them in short order. My first two responses were On NOT Borrowing Trouble and Taking the Plunge. (As always, readers’ comments go beyond my posts … Continue reading

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Painted Picture Speaking —

“Everybody must like something and I like seeing painted pictures… There is no reason for it but for some reason, anything reproduced by paint, preferably, I may even say certainly, by oil paints on a flat surface holds my attention… … Continue reading

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Miss Stein Speaks —

and she says:  You look ridiculous if you dance  You look ridiculous if you don’t dance  So you might as well dance People (critic types, and lowbrows, and highbrows, lots of people, actually) used to make fun of Gertrude Stein’s … Continue reading

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An Artist’s Sorrows —

“Patrick Henry Bruce was one of the early and most ardent Matisse pupils and soon he made little Matisses, but he was not happy. In explaining his unhappiness he told Gertrude Stein, they talk about the sorrows of great artists, … Continue reading

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