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No Second Chances? Who Says? (for the record)

FIFTY YEARS AFTER FIRST VISIT, WRITER SETTLES INTO LIFE IN NORTHAMPTON  (reprinted from the Hampshire Gazette) Judith Bruder at her home in Northampton.   CAROL LOLLIS, photo  Choices, even major life choices, are often made for the flimsiest reasons. And, … Continue reading

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It’s a term of endearment here in the United States. “Ah, my little sweet pea, I love you so much!” But in my case, it’s very literal. I LOVE sweet peas, what are sometimes called shell peas, or English peas, … Continue reading

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Cakes and Ale — and Young People!

While I was lying awake at quarter to four this morning (a normal occurrence) a jingly poem leaped into my mind, and frolicked there for quite a while. I didn’t remember all of it, but I knew the ending for … Continue reading

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Here at the North Pole —

At this moment (6:40 p.m.) the thermometer stands at 8 degrees fahrenheit (13 degrees centigrade) and is falling fast. This is the winter vista before the sun went down: Pretty bleak, despite the pretty blue sky and blue snow. Instead … Continue reading

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The Universe Within —

Remember the fabulous lotus pond my friend introduced me to? It wasn’t only the beauty of the lotus flowers that so touched me when I wrote that post. For decades (this is many years ago) I carried around a quotation … Continue reading

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“A Wounded Heart”

Remember Mr. Forbes? Founder of Northampton’s Forbes Library? Regular visitors to Touch2Touch will remember many posts (here and here, among others) about the library and about him, especially about his whimsical seasonal changes of wardrobe. But there is a great deal more to say … Continue reading

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On Memorial Day —

It’s Memorial Day weekend, formerly called Decoration Day, because of the still-observed custom of decorating graves, especially of those who served in the armed forces, with flowers and American flags. Died in battle — or at any rate, once struggled … Continue reading

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I Saw A Ship A-Sailing —

I saw a ship a-sailing, A-sailing on the sea; And, oh! it was all laden With pretty things for thee! There were comfits in the cabin, And apples in the hold; The sails were made of silk, And the masts … Continue reading

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Aiding the Spelling-Challenged —

Lots of people don’t spell at all. Never did. But now that there’s Spell Check on computers it’s more than ever before a dying art. I was a pretty good speller, probably due to visual memory strong on letters — … Continue reading

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Licks, and Riffs, and a Promise: Here Comes the Sun!

It’s snowing again — or sleeting, or freezing raining, or all of the above — And it’s either burst into song, or burst into tears. So I’ve opted for song. For two songs, in fact, because that’s how bad it … Continue reading

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