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Fear Not!

Yesterday the Georgia O’Keeffe Museum in Santa Fe, New Mexico netted a cool $44.4 million at auction for one of their masterpieces, O’Keeffe’s Jimson Weed. That more than doubled the amount ever paid for a work by a female artist, and … Continue reading

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On Mondays, at the Museum —

THE INSIDE STORY! It’s Monday, the day almost every museum in the world is closed to the public. If you’ve ever wondered what goes on behind those gated doors on Mondays, there’s a delightful poem by Marilyn Donnelly that gives … Continue reading

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A Hedgehog — and a Goldfish

Expression, for me, does not reside in passions glowing in a human face or manifested by violent movement. The entire arrangement of my picture is expressive; the place occupied by the figures, the empty spaces around them, the proportions, everything … Continue reading

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Painted Picture Speaking —

“Everybody must like something and I like seeing painted pictures… There is no reason for it but for some reason, anything reproduced by paint, preferably, I may even say certainly, by oil paints on a flat surface holds my attention… … Continue reading

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