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Redemption at the Mall —

Or perhaps I mean Inspiration at the Mall? Hadn’t picked up my camera in ages, had no ideas, nothing lit up or intrigued me, everything was down down down for me in the world of photography. And then I remembered … Continue reading

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ORCHIDS: At Last, the Weird!

It seems like this is what people have been waiting for, the orchids that struck me as more weird than either exotic or beautiful. There could be lots of argument about this: beauty really is in the eye of the … Continue reading

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ORCHIDS: Next, The Beautiful

Orchids are rather like fireworks, everybody is always going OOOOOOH! and AAAAAAAAH! at the sight. Not me. I think some of them are exotic, others are beautiful, and still others are, frankly, weird. My first post showed you some of the … Continue reading

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Error! Error!

(I must have been in some kind of late night stupor (NOT induced by beer) when I posted this on T2T instead of on its sister blog.  A new post — about a milder beverage altogether — will replace this … Continue reading

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A Pair of Old Shoes

Vincent van Gogh obsessed about shoes, old shoes, work shoes, peasant shoes, worn and cracked. Some of his finest paintings are these heavily textured ones composed of darks and dulls, so different from the brilliant colors of better known paintings, … Continue reading

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Portrait of Lorraine

If you’re thinking that the young woman in the portrait is Lorraine, think again. She’s a Gibson Girl drawing cherished by Lorraine’s beloved mother, who loved every kind of Victoriana. And the fan is also genuinely old, found by Lorraine … Continue reading

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“But the Beholder Wanting —“

This is a recent post on one of my favorite blogs, cross-ties. After I read it —- At the end of the first stanza of The Parakeets at Karekare, Allen Curnow refers to “a scene waiting to be painted.” Apt, I’d say; apt … Continue reading

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Even a Blade of Grass —

“The moment one gives close attention to any thing, even a blade of grass, it becomes a mysterious, awesome, indescribably magnificent world in itself.”                           –Henry Miller Not on … Continue reading

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Yellow Telephones —

Daffodils Yellow telephones in a row in the garden are ringing, shrill with light. Old-fashioned spring brings earliest models out each April the same, naïve and classical. Look into the yolk- colored mouthpieces alert with echoes. Say hello to time. … Continue reading

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Tucson in A Different Mood —

Everything’s been all “hon and dearie” (as my mother used to say) with the weather in Tucson. Sun shining, blue sky, warm breeze. Envy of the East. But everything changed today. We had cloudy, we had stiff wind, we had … Continue reading

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