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Socrates was famous for, among other things, saying Gnothi Seauton. (He said it in Greek, because he was. If you are not, you may recognize it quicker as “Know Thyself.”) Recently John Weeren, in his always-interesting blog, About Zen, posted … Continue reading

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There are Always More Questions —

Our last post featured a long profound quote from nature writer Ann Zwinger, which concluded: “Desert is where I want to be when there are no more questions to ask.” To which, being a questioning sort of person, I took … Continue reading

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No More Questions to Ask?

“Looking out over the pure sweep of seamless desert, it surprises me to realize that the easy landscapes stifle me — closed walls of forests, ceilings of boughs, neat trimmed lawns and ruffled curtains of trees hiding the soft horizons. … Continue reading

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