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A Sort-of-New Year’s Resolution

I have hooded eyes. Lots of people do. Perhaps you who are reading this are doing so with your own hooded eyes. I only know about them, though, because my grandmother had them. Not only do we share hooded eyes, … Continue reading

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Who Said Zen? Wash Out Your Mouth if You Said Zen —

It is true to say that for me sanctity consists in being myself and for you sanctity consists in being your self and that, in the last analysis, your sanctity will never be mine and mine will never be yours, … Continue reading

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Atheists Don’t Have No Songs —

Steve Martin is so outrageously talented there ought to be a law against it. He’s a stand-up comic, an actor, a director, a novelist, a playwright, a first-rate banjo player, and an all-around wild and crazy guy. So leave it … Continue reading

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