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Yes, snow. Stark and simple word for the white wilderness that circumscribes our lives here in the Northeast US. I can’t find adequate words to do justice to it. Maybe photos can convey some of our winter: Our patio at the beginning of December … Continue reading

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A Cherry Hung with Snow…

Simply trust, Simply trust! Cherry blossoms in bloom                 Japanese haiku poet Kobayashi Issa It’s Japanese practice (as I understand it) to display each seasonal decoration, like this cherry blossom bonsai, a little in … Continue reading

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Same Song, Second Verse —

When I was very young, my friends and I sang a nonsense song to the tune of Cielito Lindo. It began this way: Ai Yi Yi Yi In China they don’t eat chili Here comes another verse That’s worse than … Continue reading

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Public Service Post: Cool It!

Here’s a public service post for everybody on the East Coast of the US, who began their sweltering-in-earnest today and will live in heat and humidity through at least Friday — The temperature in Haydenville, just down the road, reached … Continue reading

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Hallowe’en: A Nightmare

Where have I been lately? Why hasn’t there been a new post here since October 28th? That’s simple. We’ve been living our own Hallowe’en nightmare. The snow began last Saturday afternoon, while we were happily watching Mozart’s Don Giovanni in … Continue reading

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From Ireland… and Stockbridge…

It’s been a long while — to be exact, since Christmas — since we heard from Berna, our Irish correspondent over in County Kildare. Here she is, walking again at Clongowes, in what’s becoming spring in Ireland, while we in … Continue reading

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Shoveling Snow with Buddha

Sick of shoveling shoveling shoveling snow? Here’s a real treat, and heaven knows those of us in the Northeast US deserve one.  Sit down, rest your weary bones a while, close your eyes and just listen. Like just-sitting, shikan-taza. Just sit, … Continue reading

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The Shawling Snow —-

Somehow when a poet writes about it, even relentless snowstorm-after-snowstorm takes on its own beauty: Here is Dylan Thomas, writing in A Child’s Christmas in Wales: “Our snow was not only shaken from whitewash buckets down the sky, it came … Continue reading

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Winter Is…

Winter is nature’s way of saying, “Up yours.” Robert Byrne Poets write lots of pretty words about winter, and there are times that I’ll admit they may have a point or two. But today! What you can’t see in the … Continue reading

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Hmmmmm – An Invincible Summer?

We may have an invincible summer in the depths of us, but it’s harder and harder to realize, in the face of 21 inches of snow on Wednesday. The world hushed, went still, silent and white, for 24 hours. We’re … Continue reading

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