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Behind the Blog

“Persistence isn’t very glamorous. If genius is one percent inspiration and ninety-nine percent perspiration, then as a culture we tend to lionize the one percent.  We love its flash and dazzle. But great power lies in the other ninety-nine percent.’ … Continue reading

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A Shout-out for Columbus Day!

Would you recognize this as the portrait of an indigenous American woman? No? But not for lack of trying — on the part of Christopher Columbus. There he was, three ships and all, looking for India — and he found … Continue reading

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Is This Post a Mistake?

“He who makes no mistakes makes no progress.” — Theodore Roosevelt Recent post The Hardest Thing posed the dilemma of crossing bridges or burning them, and the difficulty of choosing. In reply to a number of thoughtful comments and questions, I promised … Continue reading

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What are You Afraid of?

One of the blogs I regularly check out is John Weeren’s About Zen. A while back he posted a story that really opened my eyes wide — A zen student asked: “Can zen help you deal with fear?” The master said: … Continue reading

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