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Winter Closet

Thanksgiving arrived along with the first winter storm of the season here in the Northeast United States. Biting cold, snow, wind — please, Mother Nature, I’m not ready yet! The older I get, the less ready I am for the … Continue reading

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Summertime, the season of flowers! So why not portraits of flowers? For me, flowers have personalities, individuality, presence. And when it comes to taking photographs, they have as much or more of those qualities as humans. They have other good qualities as well … Continue reading

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My Vegetable Love —

Summertime —slow, lazy, sultry — has laid its spell on me. No posting, no reading blogs, not doing much of anything except lolling about, reading, and day dreaming. And eating corn on the cob. In Andrew Marvell’s poem To His … Continue reading

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The Clouds Above Us —

Summer, having finally arrived, is moving along much too briskly! We are midway through August already. Summer heat, blue skies, green leaves, the slow passage of fleecy clouds — all are rolling past. In another two weeks we will all be … Continue reading

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The rain (or mist or perhaps fine drizzle) early this morning is so quiet I’m not sure it’s raining at all until I put my ear to the open window and hear a faint pattering, a whispering over the parched … Continue reading

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Life is Just a Bowl of —–

How could I decide between dark lush Bing cherries and blushing rosy Queen Anne (or Rainier, take your pick) cherries? I couldn’t. So I got ’em both. I was making great inroads on them when I decided they needed a … Continue reading

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Mr. Forbes in Summer

Remember when Judge Charles Edward Forbes, donor of Northampton’s Forbes Library, was all decked out for trick-or-treating at Hallowe’en? And again this winter, he covered up his ears and dressed suitably for the cold? Well, it’s been a whole lot … Continue reading

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The greens of Spring as it gallops toward Summer, when gardens are gorgeous with swelling promise — You can wrestle your own way through these lines in Metaphysical poet Andrew Marvell’s long poem, The Garden, or you can Google for an … Continue reading

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Invincible Summer —

In the midst of winter we find in ourselves an Invincible Summer. — Albert Camus Interesting that it is an early Existentialist (although he later denied the label), an exponent of a philosophy originally considered bleak and hopeless compared to … Continue reading

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