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The Way It Is in the Winter of the Soul —

Almost February, the nadir of the year (according to me). Even though the light has begun returning, it is still a dark time, cold, snowy, gray when it isn’t black. My head tells me that, underneath the snowy blanket outside, … Continue reading

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Here at the North Pole —

At this moment (6:40 p.m.) the thermometer stands at 8 degrees fahrenheit (13 degrees centigrade) and is falling fast. This is the winter vista before the sun went down: Pretty bleak, despite the pretty blue sky and blue snow. Instead … Continue reading

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solitude– in a world of one color the sound of wind. Basho Can you hear it?

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Kwitcherbellyakin —

I’m not really talking to you! I’m talking to myself, in another sort-of New Year’s resolution. Not a formal resolution, because I never find those work for me. More of an intention, really. In this case, an intention to tone … Continue reading

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Public Service Post: Cool It!

Here’s a public service post for everybody on the East Coast of the US, who began their sweltering-in-earnest today and will live in heat and humidity through at least Friday — The temperature in Haydenville, just down the road, reached … Continue reading

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Northampton Winter Market

I promised you a visit to Northampton’s unique shopping plaza, Thorne’s Market, and we’re way overdue because it’s been overrun with Christmas shoppers and hustle and bustle. So we’re sneaking in today by way of the basement, where on Saturday … Continue reading

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In the Time of Falling Leaves

The leaves are falling, falling — The wind blew sharp today.  Autumn fading, winter’s icy breath chills early morning, evening, late. *             *            * The Buddha said: Just as … Continue reading

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Wishful Thinking!

Faced with this interminable winter, which refuses to loose an iron grip, a memory surfaces:   San Juan, Puerto Rico: Poolside What with lizards appearing and disappearing and palm fronds waving and unfurling and  water slipping over the lip of … Continue reading

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From Ireland… and Stockbridge…

It’s been a long while — to be exact, since Christmas — since we heard from Berna, our Irish correspondent over in County Kildare. Here she is, walking again at Clongowes, in what’s becoming spring in Ireland, while we in … Continue reading

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An Old-fashioned Winter

  And on it goes — And on it goes. There were lots of predictions of a rough winter already last fall:  the hairy caterpillars have such heavy coats and the stripe down their backs is so thick! The acorn … Continue reading

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