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When Oedipus (yes, that Oedipus, the one who was so devoted to his mother) was a young man, he won a kingdom by answering a riddle. (Prizes on Jeopardy aren’t nearly so lavish.) The question was posed by the Sphinx, … Continue reading

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Have you heard of artists Christo and Jeanne Claude? One of their best known “exhibits” took place in 2005 in New York, when the pair “wrapped” Central Park in a thousand brilliant saffron banners, or “Gates”, to produce a stunning … Continue reading

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A Christmas Story Footnote: Me and Medusa?

The comments on recent A Christmas Story — Kind Of were funny and interesting and ultimately provocative. Why did it take me four tries to post a Self-Portrait on sister blog A View from the Woods that showed more than a shadow, … Continue reading

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Three Greek Chicks sitting around talking…

And rewriting history — There’s Cassandra, who knew it all, but couldn’t convince anyone else, and Pandora, who couldn’t leave well enough alone, and Penelope, whose husband came home REALLY late from the office. This is what those three women of Greek myth … Continue reading

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