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Laying On of Hands? 2: The Rest of Us

A Suggestion — A Question — and A Request: Part 1 of Laying On of Hands focused on doctor and patient, the emblematic relationship of the healer and the one needing healing. It seems to me, though, that all medical professionals who … Continue reading

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A Touch is as Good as Chocolate

From NPR’s Morning Edition, September 20, 2010: THE POWER OF TOUCH Social scientists have shown in many studies over the years that supportive touch can have good outcomes in a number of different realms. Consider the following examples: If a teacher touches … Continue reading

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Lonely Angel

… we are each of us angels with only one wing, and we can fly only by embracing each other. Lucian de Crescenzo But getting to “embrace” in our times isn’t easy. Watch Free Hugs: what does it take to … Continue reading

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Our First Language —

The Tao of Touch What magic does touch create that we crave it so. That babies do not thrive without it. That the nurse who cuts tough nails and sands calluses on the elderly tells me sometimes men weep as … Continue reading

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Touch in the News: The Fading Art of the Physical Exam, from NPR

It’s been quite a while since the medical aspects of touch have been featured here. Catching up, this post is about a dean of American physician-writers who was quoted in an NPR feature: At Stanford Medical School, physician/professor/best-selling author (of … Continue reading

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Why I Blog: A New Year’s Manifesto

Note: There are fireworks to follow: “I sometimes wonder why I blog; I tell myself it’s largely to have a venue that forces me to think through vague ideas a little bit more than I would otherwise. And I do … Continue reading

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The Cash Value of Touch?

Exactly how much is a touch worth? Here in its entirety is an item from October’s REAL SIMPLE magazine: “$1,243.60 “The average amount those bidding on a car went up on their offers when sitting on soft chairs, according to … Continue reading

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