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Hey, Fat Lady!

“It ain’t over till the fat lady sings….”   It’s a great phrase, isn’t it? It references what used to be the stereotypically overweight sopranos of Grand Opera. (Since the advent of the Metropolitan Opera’s HD television simulcasts, we’ve been getting glamour … Continue reading

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Spring in the Heart

Coming along the mountain path Somehow it tugs my heart Wild violet (trans. Lesley Downer) The mercury slunk down to – 12 Fahrenheit last night. Or thereabouts. At such low temperatures, what difference does it make? All is white, white, … Continue reading

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It’s a term of endearment here in the United States. “Ah, my little sweet pea, I love you so much!” But in my case, it’s very literal. I LOVE sweet peas, what are sometimes called shell peas, or English peas, … Continue reading

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A Glimmer of Hope (3): NATURE

Last week, the bombing of the Boston Marathon, another “little death” of innocence, plunged me into despair. Very slowly I began seeking, and finding, some glimmers of hope in an inner darkness: first came music, next came sharing of food, … Continue reading

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Kwitcherbellyakin —

I’m not really talking to you! I’m talking to myself, in another sort-of New Year’s resolution. Not a formal resolution, because I never find those work for me. More of an intention, really. In this case, an intention to tone … Continue reading

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Hearts and Flowers —

WordPress runs a photography challenge on provocative themes that change weekly. This week’s is INSIDE. It’s always interesting to see how many ingenious and fascinating different ways there are of interpreting a single word. Usually I post my own responses on … Continue reading

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The greens of Spring as it gallops toward Summer, when gardens are gorgeous with swelling promise — You can wrestle your own way through these lines in Metaphysical poet Andrew Marvell’s long poem, The Garden, or you can Google for an … Continue reading

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A Walk in the Park —

What is so fair as a day in May? When the sun shines from a blue sky on the tender green emerging everywhere.  When young spring flowers elbow forward with a single message, “Look at me!”,  whether boldly or shyly, … Continue reading

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(A poem in today’s Writer’s Almanac inspired me to go out into this chilly raw first day of April in search of tender green leaves. Here’s what I brought back — and healthier for the outing — to companion Linda Pastan‘s wonderfully … Continue reading

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ORCHIDS: At Last, the Weird!

It seems like this is what people have been waiting for, the orchids that struck me as more weird than either exotic or beautiful. There could be lots of argument about this: beauty really is in the eye of the … Continue reading

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